You Asked: Is Our Data/Database Secure?

Welcome to the final post in our five-part series about the common questions we answer for our clients. Security is often at the top of people’s minds—or, it should be—yet there is a weakness common to many systems. Not only does this oversight put their system at risk, it also impacts GDPR compliance.  Question #5: Is Our Data/Database Secure?  Once we have established that a system is performing well and can deal with […]

You Asked: Will Our Application/Database Scale?

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our series tackling the most common questions we hear from clients. As businesses prepare for their future, it’s important to be able to gauge whether their system is scalable. Here we discuss how to ensure your application or database can successfully scale.   Question #4: Will Our Application/Database Scale?  After we have performed an environment health check (or even before […]

You Asked: Is the DBA dead?

Welcome to part three of our series tackling the questions we hear most from our clients. Today we discuss the role of the DBA, and whether businesses have truly evolved to function without them.   Question #3: Is the DBA Dead?  When discussing the cloud, it inevitably raises the question, “Is the role of the DBA dead?”   This question has been around in one form or another for as long as […]

You Asked: Will the Cloud Save Me Money?

Welcome to part two of our series on the most common questions we receive from clients – be sure to check out part one if you haven’t already.   Question #2: Will the Cloud Save Me Money?  The cloud is no longer a new technology and many companies are already successfully using it in at least one area of their business. In fact, most companies had been using “the cloud” […]

You Asked: Why Do I Need a New Version of SQL Server?

All companies want to future-proof their data strategy, and that’s why they come to us.  Despite the diverse range of industries that our clients operate in, most have the same questions because they’re encountering similar issues. We are publishing a five-part series on the most common questions we receive from clients who want to make sure that their SQL Servers are optimally set up and able […]