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We know how tough it can be to manage the data while your business is growing. We’ve been through it all, and we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this hard. With Data Masterminds as your partner, you can innovate without the database headache.

If you’re like we were, identifying the root cause of your issues is a seemingly impossible task, and it’s beginning to hold your business back. You’ve likely wondered if there’s a simple way you can monitor and manage your data in a way that moves your business forward.

At Data Masterminds we get it.

Data Masterminds hires community-experts with years of experience working on real-world data related challenges. We look for database professionals who were just like you and solved database challenges over and over with different technologies and frameworks, so they know what will work for you in your organization. We also partner with Microsoft to make sure we’re certified and innovating the latest database technologies.

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Our SQL expertise: experienced, knowledgeable & collaborative.

At Data Masterminds, every consultant is an expert in the Microsoft Data Platform. With a leadership team with experience in multiple enterprise level environments, there is no challenge we cannot solve with our combined knowledge.

Data Masterminds Leadership

Eelco Drost


Specialities: Database Administration, Performance Tuning, Deployments, Training, and Database Development

William Durkin


Specialities: Microsoft MVP, Data Platform Design, Database Administration, Performance Tuning, Training, and Mentoring

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor
Director, Data Masterminds UK


Specialities: Microsoft MVP Database Administration, Performance Tuning, Containers/Kubernetes, Cloud (Azure/AWS) Migrations/Optimisation

Data Masterminds Team

Mandy Petke


Specialities: Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Data Platform Design.

Sander Stad


Specialities: Microsoft MVP, Database Administration, DevOps/CICD, PowerShell, Database Development, Performance Tuning, Containers/Kubernetes

Jess Pomfret


Specialities: Microsoft MVP, Database Administration, PowerShell Automation, Database Upgrades & Migrations.

Mikey Bronowski


Specialities: Microsoft MVP, Database Administration, PowerShell, Training, Database Upgrades & Migrations

Cláudio Silva


Specialities: Microsoft MVP, Performance Tuning, Database Development, PowerShell Automation, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Database Administration

Dirk Hondong


Specialities: Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Performance Tuning

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