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Periodic Health
Checks and Reporting

Monitoring and Tuning

SQL Server Upgrades
and Patching

Your data deserves full attention

Your databases need expert support. Your IT team may be talented enough to do it all—but they also have a lot of fires they need to put out. We get that database issues can’t always be first on the to-do list.

You need dedicated attention to your SQL Servers. The data they store critical information that underpins your business.

Our team makes your databases faster, more secure and highly available. SQL Server is at the core of what we do and supporting your business goals part of our DNA.

We don’t just solve SQL Server problems—we prevent them

Work with data professionals who take the time to understand your goals, help you assess your systems, and set performance milestones. Give your data estate the attention it deserves to perform better and enable your business the capacity to grow and scale.

SQL Server Managed Services

Periodic SQL Server Health Checks

As the first step toward data maturity, Health Checks give you insight into performance tuning and hardware upgrades to solve immediate issues and help you spot SQL Server issues before they become major problems.

The Data Masterminds Portal

Once we complete the SQL Server Health Check, you’ll have access to the Data Masterminds Portal. It’s a unique tool that gives you a bird’s eye view of your estate and regular recommendations to improve performance. The portal delivers comparison insights that show how your performance is improving over time.

Upgrades & Maintenance

When you have a full picture of how your estate is performing, you can tackle daily issues and start planning for better performance. We perform regular maintenance, handle urgent queries, and help prepare your system for upgrades and new hardware.

Not sure where to start?

Take our Data Maturity Assessment quiz to see plan your next steps and start diagnosing your database issues.