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Can a DBA be an expert at everything, or do they have to specialize?

It’s a challenge every data professional faces.  Is it truly possible to stay on top of every innovation? How do you know what to focus on first?

William Durkin and Eelco Drost dive into their experiences coming into the DBA field with different technical backgrounds, and how your experience shapes your future career success.


What happened to 'superhero' DBAs - and how can I be one?

Today’s DBA role doesn’t look like it did a decade ago.  Is it even possible to be a ‘do everything DBA superstar?

Innovations in data science, data engineering, and data development have all made a huge difference in a DBA’s function.  William Durkin and Eelco Drost offer their perspective on what has changed, and what you can do to future-proof your career.


Will automation replace DBAs?

“Will X make the DBA obsolete?” is a question that has existed since the role was first invented.  Every shiny new innovation has meant the end of database administration, if you ask the right person.

Here’s what we think.


Is the DBA Dead?

Watch the full 45 minute session to see our in-depth take on the future of the DBA role.

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